AI applied for HSE advanced analytics

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Incident History

Collect and storage the
organization’s historical incident
data on a structured relational model.

Controls Degradation

Identification of missing or
failed performance controls
within HSE management.

Incident Detection

Record and report incidents and
investigations ensuring quality of
information to a high standard.

Data Model

Classified and standardized data
based on world class best
practices of multiple industries.

Advanced Analytics

Unvail advanced patterns
on root causes incident
in critical activities (bad actors).

AI Engine

Data in quantity and quality with greater
granularity for decision making,
reduces time to interpret causes.
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Since 2018 SME Partnership to
HSE mining industries

Virtual Assistant

James TM is the virtual assistant that connects data model with your data, providing a faster and easier HSE management.

It highlights those activities with potential high risk on your operation.

Collaborates you in case you want to ask about standards, common causes, statistical data.

Recognizes and cross-references incidents within the process investigation.

Continue learning from your investigations and events, in the context of your company, intuitive and intelligent.

Assists, suggests and monitors you based on the process and information from your investigations.

Use business intelligence, analytics and artificial intelligence to bring you value.

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